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Mrs. Merrill Matthews

Director's Welcome

Hello! Thank you for visiting Victory High School is a special place. For nearly 30 years, Victory High School has empowered students and families with focused education. The unique schedule and individualized academic plan allows students to pursue their interests while they work toward graduation. Highly organized curriculum and daily feedback allow students to track their progress and set goals in real time.
Teacher directed study halls at the beginning and end of the day allow students additional time to take on extra credits and get additional help when needed. A daily assembly with an emphasis on timeless morals and Christian values is an important part of the day.  Experienced teachers, small class sizes and personal attention to the future goals of each student enables students to stay focused and be successful. The education model of compressed classroom time/outside credit hours is innovative, yet stands the test of time.    

Former graduates from all over the United States have commented how their education at Victory High School benefitted them in their high school years and beyond.

Merrill Matthews, Principal
Our History

Victory High School was founded in 1990 by Lorna Letourneau. Starting with financial support of a local businessman, Ms. Letourneau took her teaching experience and love for students to become Victory High School. In her 50 years of education, Ms. Letourneau nurtured and mentored hundreds of students. 

Our Aim
Person Writing

In 2004 Victory High School became a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Now Victory HIgh School is a community educational commodity of involved teachers, volunteers, donors, and the Board of Directors.


Our aim is to facilitate a high school experience that is unique to the goals of the student, and while doing so, teach timeless morals and values most necessary for fruitful lives. 

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